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Home Security

It’s a sad reality that we live in an increasingly dangerous world and this means that feeling secure at home is no longer just important, it’s essential.

The very first step to securing your home is fitting secure windows and doors that your family can rely on. If all of your openings are strong and secure with robust materials and modern locking systems, you’ll begin to feel safer, less vulnerable and more relaxed, not just when you’re at home but when you’re out too. We’ve been providing homeowners with advice on home security in Olney so they can begin to maximise protection with the most cost effective measures. Our team of engineers are not just experts in supplying and installing wood, uPVC and aluminium windows and doors, they’re also highly skilled locksmiths with an impeccable understanding of the top security precautions.


Upgrading to High Security Doors and Windows

Each and every one of your openings is a possible entrance to your property so it’s incredibly important to ensure the doors and windows you choose offer a great deal of protection against potential intruders. We can provide secure doors and windows in a variety of materials and designs, with a wide range of colours, finishes and glass options. Whether you opt for timber, aluminium or uPVC doors or windows, we can enhance security for your home without compromising on style.

With our uPVC doors and windows, you’re guaranteed exceptional protection with multi-point locking, as well as weatherproofing, thermal insulation and noise reduction. Each door we supply has been manufactured to the most stringent European and UK standards, so whether your existing doors or windows are deteriorating or have fallen behind in terms of technology, strength and functionality, we can help you boost protection with top quality products. Our superior installation and first class after-sales support is all part of the 3SG service we are proud of. We always offer ‘straight-up’ pricing without hidden or inflated costs, but we’re also very mindful of your needs from the very start of the project, so designs, timescales and budgets will be agreed very early on.

As a specialist window company in Buckinghamshire, we’re highly experienced in double glazing, conservatories, window replacements, door replacements, and locksmithing and repairs. We also regularly carry out small and large projects for commercial and domestic customers in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Don’t let opportunist thieves see your home as an easy target; book a FREE home security assessment with 3SG, your double glazing specialists in Olney. You can speak to us about your particular needs by sending us a message or calling us on 01234 712242 / 01908 980068.

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