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Glass & Glazing

Replacement Glass & Glazing

We can supply and fit all types of glazing and double glazing, complete windows with frames or just the glass, wood, upvc or aluminium windows and doors. Whatever your requirement we’ve got it covered.

Want to give the windows in your house a new look?

Maybe you have single glazing and want to be more energy efficient by installing double glazing. Maybe you want a complete new look for your windows or a decorative glass upgrade. We can replace the glass in your existing windows for a fraction of the cost of having new frames. We can refurbish in any of a variety of designs.

Steamed Up or Misty Double Glazing ?

If your double glazed windows or doors have condensation trapped between the panes of glass or they are steamed up then you may not need togo to the expense of replacing the whole window or door, in most cases it’s only the glass that will need replacing.

Steamed-up and broken double glazing can often be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a whole new window.

Cost Effective and Green – Replacing the panes and not the entire frames is one of the most cost effective ways to acquire double glazing, it is also a much greener solution with less waste being produced.

So if you have steamed up double glazing call 3SG for a quote to replace the panes and not the frames!